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    Yana's Approach

    Change comes from a careful examination of yourself. I use an eclectic approach to support you in exploring and accepting yourself. I offer my clients on Long Island and NYC space where they can look within themselves without being judged, chastised, or overwhelmed.

    My goal as a therapist is to help you manage your stress in a way that feels right to you…Leading to a reduction in symptoms of anxiety, depression, and reducing the impact of trauma on daily functioning. I tie in holistic practices with modern research-based practices to help clients dive deeper, create habits that actually work, manifest their goals, and finally make sense of the whirlwind of thoughts they have on a daily basis.

    By using a multi-modal approach in session, I am able to cater to the needs of my clients. Some modalities I use include CBT, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), reality therapy, and a person-centered approach. Using these techniques, I encourage my clients to achieve their goals, understand their symptoms, and improve their quality of life. 

    I hope to guide you in finding ways to navigate life’s stressors, process trauma and experiences, and thrive in relationships with others. Our therapy work together will be collaborative, and through this, I hope to help you create long-lasting change.

    Melissa's Approach

    Hi there! I am Melissa Lerner, LCSW. I have been practicing for over 30 years in public mental health as well as private practice settings.

    I have successfully treated people who struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction, loss and trauma. My niche is working with couples who are mired in long-standing conflict or communication difficulties, and am greatly skilled at guiding individuals as well as couples towards feeling more fulfilled in their relationships.

    My approach is collaborative and creative–creating a safe space in which you can open and become vulnerable in the service of growth and healing. I help client’s identify strengths and recognize patterns of thinking that are no longer useful, replacing them with skills and behaviors that are more life affirming and sustainable.

    I understand the importance of looking at all the psychosocial factors that shape our lives from family background to current life stresses and appreciate how these factors shape the issues that you may bring to therapy. 

    Let me help you give voice to your struggles, and find meaning, in order to live a fulfilling life.

    Andrew's Approach

    Our experiences in life can at times be confusing and painful, yet they do not need to define or limit us in who we wish to be. As a trauma-focused and person-centered clinically licensed therapist, I work with you to help you heal from your past and create the life you want to live. Each and every one of us are intended to live our lives with purpose, passion and meaning. While our individual pasts may have led us to today, we can freely decide our tomorrow.

    I have developed a rich and diverse background in trauma-focused clinical practice models to best meet the unique, individual needs of the individuals, couples and families that I serve. I use a keen approach to work with people experiencing challenges specific to past and present trauma, depression, anxiety, life transitions, and difficulties in relationship and family dynamics. I draw on these practices to support healing from yesterday, embrace the power of today and create the possibility of tomorrow.

    Kristin's Approach

    Welcome! My name is Kristin Principe, LMSW. It may sound cliché, but my passion is helping others. My focus is using various techniques to make the journey of life easier on the mind, body, and soul. For nearly 10 years, I have been a licensed and practicing social worker. More recently, I became and Internationally Board Certified Life & Success Coach. Together, we will dig deep into your subconscious and begin the inner work that can change your life. 

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