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  • Anxiety and Depression


    Anxiety can cause intense discomfort in your daily living. It can lead to severed relationships, difficulty managing emotions, problems at work, and poor sleep. The word anxiety has become a word so commonly thrown around, that it often goes unrecognized as a valid and debilitating invader in your life.

    Are you constantly filled with worry or fear about the future?

    Do you feel like your mind is racing constantly, ruminating on the same thoughts almost at all times?

    Are you having difficulty understanding where your negative feelings are coming from?

    That’s because of your anxiety.


    Depression often feels like carrying a 10-ton boulder around with you all day and night.

    If you feel like you no longer enjoy the things that once brought you joy, or that you are feeling “disconnected” from your authentic self, or focusing almost exclusively on everything you could have, should have done in the past—you may be experiencing symptoms of depression.

    In therapy, if you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression, we will work together to understand the source of your symptoms, address and process the feelings that come along with it, and develop unique coping skills to lead you back to living a healthy, happy life.

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