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  • Therapy for Anxiety

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    Do you feel like you can’t control your thoughts, no matter how hard you try? Do you feel like your anxiety is consuming your life? Have you tried therapy in the past, but didn’t feel like it was effective?

    If this sounds like you, I am confident I can help. I can help you find the exact forms of treatment that are right for you, to get the relief from anxiety that you want.

    Research has consistently shown that talk therapy is usually the most effective mode of treatment for anxiety disorders. That’s because when we are treating anxiety, we are treating the PROBLEM not just the symptoms.

    Symptoms of anxiety include:

    • Rapid breathing or hyperventilation
    • Feelings of panic, dread, or danger
    • Increased or heavy sweating
    • Nervousness, tension, or restlessness
    • Trembling or muscle twitching
    • Difficulty focusing or thinking clearly
    • Difficulty sleeping, insomnia
    • Obsessions about certain ideas, or an obsessive-compulsive disorder
    • Anxiety about a specific life event of experience that has occurred in the past
    • Excessive worry about seemingly insignificant things

    In therapy, I can help you uncover the source of your worries and fears, learn ways to reduce the anxiety, and look at situations in a new light. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, contact me today for a consultation.