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  • Counseling for New Mothers

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    Do you feel upset or frightened by feelings that motherhood just doesn’t feel “right?”

    The initial adjustment to becoming a parent is almost always a shocking, often difficult lifestyle shift. Many women report feeling like they “lost” their sense of self, and many women are nervous to speak about the new “mom” role they take on after having a child. These feelings can be extremely overwhelming and talking to a therapist who specializes in peripartum mood and anxiety disorders can offer significant benefits.

    As a mother and therapist, I can offer you insight into ways you can be your best self again. I have extensive knowledge in post-partum disorders and can help you understand how hormonal changes, social and family support, as well as personal history are all crucial to your alleviation of postpartum symptoms.

    Common postpartum symptoms include:

    • Feeling irritable, tearful, weepy
    • Increased sensitivity to noise, especially from crying child
    • Exhaustion and excessive fatigue
    • Guilt or shame concerning motherhood and connection to baby
    • Feeling like you are in a fog
    • Excessive worry over anything and everything
    • Feeling empty or numb
    • Thoughts of running away
    • Inability to clear your head or quiet your mind
    • Having fear of being judged for seeking help

    If any of these symptoms resonate with you, I will gladly give you a consultation. Together, we can find the underlying issues, create a plan to move forward and help you embrace being a mother in the most meaningful way possible. Contact me today.