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  • Life Coaching

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    Life Coaching

    Life coaching at Kofman Wellness will give you the opportunity to clarify your goals, create a plan to eliminate obstacles, and establish better routines to propel you forward towards creating a new reality. 

    A life coach may help if you struggle with the following:

    • Hitting a plateau
    • Feeling unfulfilled in career
    • Being efficient on a daily basis
    • Being accountable for taking action

    What is the difference between therapy and life coaching?

    Life coaching is tailored towards helping high achievers reach the next level. Life coaching is NOT therapy in disguise, and does not focus on resolving past traumas, problematic beliefs, feelings, or other inner issues. Life coaching is meant to support you in taking actionable steps, staying consistent, and accomplishing your goals to take back control of your life.

    Do you feel ready to take the next step? Life coaching plans are customized to each individual’s needs and goals. See our services page for plans and pricing, or click the button below.