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  • Find Peace With the Help of an Expert Trauma Therapist in Woodmere, NY

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    Trauma can cast a long shadow over one’s life, making it difficult to enjoy daily activities and maintain healthy relationships with others. If you are struggling with traumatic memories that just won’t leave you alone, it’s time to speak with a professional trauma therapist. At Kofman Wellness, we provide compassionate trauma therapy to individuals in Woodmere, New York, who want to reclaim their lives from the shadow of trauma.

    The Many Different Faces of Trauma

    When people think of trauma, they often imagine soldiers who have PTSD from experiencing active combat. However, there are many types of trauma that leave an individual with lasting psychological effects, including:

    • Acute trauma, which results from a single distressing event, such as an accident, natural disaster, or assault.
    • Chronic trauma, which involves ongoing stressors or experiences over an extended period, like ongoing abuse, neglect, or living in a war zone.
    • Cultural trauma, which is collective and involves events that affect entire communities or groups, such as wars, genocides, or natural disasters.
    • Complex trauma, which is associated with childhood experiences and typically results from prolonged exposure to traumatic events in a caregiving relationship.
    • Secondary or vicarious trauma, which occurs when individuals witness or hear about traumatic events experienced by others and is usually seen in occupations like first responders, healthcare workers, and trauma therapists.
    • Developmental trauma, which is experienced during critical developmental stages, like childhood or adolescence.

    Understanding the diverse nature of trauma is crucial for providing the appropriate support, which is why those dealing with PTSD or other trauma-related conditions should seek out a specialized trauma therapist. No matter what type of trauma you’re dealing with, the team at Kofman Wellness can help. Get in touch with us today to learn about our trauma therapy services in Woodmere and schedule your first appointment.