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  • Is Money Really the Root of All Evil?

    Whether or not money is the root of all evil has been an age-old adage that continues to divide people. In the era of so many entrepreneurs starting their businesses and working tirelessly to lift them off the ground, it’s something CEOs grapple with like never before. Accompanying the successes of many businesses are issues such as wealth shame, which is understandable, given the compound effect of social inequality and soaring costs of living. 

    Understanding your relationship with money and wealth is critical in order to see behavioral patterns clearly. Many entrepreneurs struggle with making choices that are reflective of their vision, especially as business expenses pile up and payday is due. This often leads to imposter syndrome, fear of loss, and isolation.

    So what now?

    Well, now it’s time to clean up your mental mess. As a therapist, I delve a little deeper to explore my client’s relationship with money. This is extremely important because it give people the opportunity to truly reflect on their why

    What changes have you noticed in those who surround you since you embarked on this entrepreneurial venture? What was your mentality on money growing up? Has earning money given you the opportunity to live out your purpose? What emotional challenges do you experience on a day-to-day basis?

    Understanding the answers to questions like these will give you clarity on what’s working and what isn’t. Once you look within, your brain will start rewiring, allowing you to start looking for the things that support your vision of how you want to feel about yourself, and the actions that match it.

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